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There is life outside google search engine

Posted in Uncategorized by emmanueloga on junio 6, 2008

Wow, I almost forgot about the existence of other search engines. But for chance I stumbled upon this cool command line utility and ended searching for my name on Excite search engine. It showed me a link that I had not seen before related to my nam (dhaka gem).

That gem packages a very cool language parser I used back in the times when I worked with this ancient, ugly language call Natural. It was so awful that I began making a parser to syntax high-lite the my code base (a sort of doxygen for that ugly language). Because I had a very slow machine then, I bothered the guy again and again about the performance of the lib. Is very nice that he list me as a contributor, although and indirect one :-).

Anyway, the conclusion of all things is: I should use other search engines apart from the google one.

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